BMW E30 Front Subframe Reinforcement Kit

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This e30 front subframe reinforcement kit will strengthen the highly stressed and weak areas in your front subframe that may break under heavy use!

As your e30 ages, it may develop cracks around the engine mounting points, especially if you drive your e30 on the track or autocross events.

Failure of the mounting points can happen even if you have a stock m20 engine with factory rubber engine mounts!

Our reinforcement kit is highly recommended for engine swapped e30s (M30s, M50s, V8’s) using a heavier than factory engine or if you are running solid mounts.

This kit is designed for repair and reinforcement of the front subframe engine mounting points.

This Reinforcement Kit includes:

  • Front Sub-frame Reinforcement


If you want to strengthen your entire chassis and save some money at the same time, order our Complete subframe Reinforcement Kit here!


 *** Installation of this kit will require some grinding and welding



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