BMW Control Arm Bushing Pair - Centered - UHMWPE E30, E36, Z3

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Upgrading your BMW E30, E36 or Z3 front control arm bushings to our UHMPWE Control Arm Bushings will give you a massive difference in steering feel, response and front end grip!

The OEM rubber bushings were designed with comfort in mind, and not made for performance and steering precision. Our caster bushes are very rigid and will allow your wheel alignment to stay constant during heavy use on the street or track keeping your tires firmly planted on the road.

Our UHMWPE bushings are centered like the standard OEM bushings and will last the life of your car!

If you’re looking for the offset version of our UHMWPE caster bushes then click here!

These bushings must be pressed into your lollipop housing/casing/carrier (don’t forget to give your carriers a clean!)

This style came as standard on all non M3 E30s and the late model E36 M3s

Highly recommended for all track cars.

These Bushes will fit all models:

  • E30 (318, 320, 323, 325, E30 M3)
  • E36 (318, 320, 323, 325, 328, E36 M3)
  • Z3 ( All models)

These Bushes are made from UHMWPE with a hardness of 65D (they are a bit softer than the other Delrin bushes we offer)

UHMWPE is a strong, tough plastic with excellent wear resistance and impact strength combined with extremely low moisture absorption. It is resistant to chemicals and temperatures as low as -30 C



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